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Title: UnknownNew Slang
Artist: UnknownThe Shins
Album: UnknownOh, Inverted World
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and if you’d took to me like a gull takes to the wind
well i’d jumped from my tree
i’d danced like the king of the eyesores
and the rest of our lives would have fared well


Children Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions

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Kiernan Shipka photographed by Nicole Nodlund for ES Magazine, August 2013.







Woman Photographs Herself Receiving Strange Looks in Public

“I now reverse the gaze and record their reactions to me while I perform mundane tasks in public spaces. I seek out spaces that are visually interesting and geographically diverse. I try to place myself in compositions that contain feminine icons or advertisements. Otherwise, I position myself and the camera in a pool of people…and wait.

The images capture the gazer in a microsecond moment where they, for unknowable reasons, have a look on their face that questions my presence. Whether they are questioning my position in front of the lens or questioning my body size, the gazer appears to be visually troubled that I am in front of them.”

Photographer: Haley Morris-Cafiero

Project: Wait Watchers 


Thought this was actually really cool and I’d share it with you guys! Takes a lot to get up there and do something like this. Love it!

this is such a fucking important project to me because i am constantly stared at in public in a negative way and turned into some disgusting object for the amusement of others and this is a peaceful way to confront those people

turning the spectators into the spectacle

she’s one of the professors at my college, and I have so much respect for her. She’s a really chill person. 

so about that whole thin privilege thing

Cezanne produced precarious little worlds that almost, almost, almost lose their balance, but somehow hold themselves together, creating tension, beauty and danger all at once. —Robert Krulwich talks about the very first time he saw a Cezanne.


FIRST KISS: We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time…

"What’s your name again?"


What I do on Sundays….

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Kit Harington gives some advice to Jon Snow (x)

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